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Networked Standby
Even when “Quick Start” is set to “Off”, by
using a remote device (smartphone or tablet),
you can wake the unit from the off state and
start certain Internet content services.
To activate operation from the remote
device, select “On”. But power consumption
in standby mode will increase. (>41)
To use this function, you will need a remote
device that can run a function that wakes
another device from Networked Standby
and apps designed for various services of
“Network Service”. Refer to the instructions
for the respective apps for details.
Only the devices permitted by the “Remote
Device List” can be operated.
hBD-Live Internet Access (>21)
You can restrict Internet access when BD-Live
functions are used.
If “Limit” is selected, Internet access is
permitted only for BD-Live contents which
have content owner certificates.
hVoice Control Settings
Press [OK] to show the following settings:
Voice Control
Set whether to operate the unit using a
network-connected device (smart speaker,
When this is set to “Off” and the HOME
menu is displayed, this setting is also
displayed by pressing and holding
[OPTION] for more than 5 seconds.
Device ID
This is a number provided to identify another
device, such as a smart speaker, when the
unit is operated from that device.
When “Voice Control” is set to “On” and the
HOME menu is displayed, this setting is
also displayed by pressing and holding
[OPTION] for more than 5 seconds.
Initialize Device Password
This initialises the “Device Password”
displayed in “Device ID”.
If you perform “Default Settings”, the
“Device Password” changes automatically.
Legal Notices
Displays the terms of service for the cloud
The following items use the same password.
Don’t forget your password.
DVD-Video Ratings
Set a ratings level to limit DVD-Video play.
BD-Video Ratings
Set an age limit of BD-Video (including Ultra HD
Blu-ray) play.
Network Service Lock
You can restrict the usage of Network Service.
Easy Settings
You can execute basic settings.
TV Settings
Press [OK] to show the following settings:
hTV System
Perform the setup so it matches the TV System
of the connected TV.
hScreen Saver Function
This is to prevent image retention on the
When this is set to “On”:
If a list of playback content is displayed and
there is no operation for 5 minutes or more,
the screen switches to HOME menu
While playing and pausing, etc., this function
is not available.
hOn-Screen Messages
Choose whether to show status messages
Set to use “VIERA Link” function when
connected via HDMI cable to a device that
supports “VIERA Link”.
Select “Off” when you do not want to use
“VIERA Link”.
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