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Still Mode
Select the type of picture shown when you pause
Seamless Play
This enables smooth playback of the gaps
between pieces of content such as programmes.
The expected effect may not be achieved
depending on the content.
If you select “Off”, playback will be accurate, but
the picture may freeze for a moment.
Dynamic Range Compression
You can listen at low volumes but still hear
dialogue clearly.
(Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby
TrueHD only)
“Automatic” is effective only when playing Dolby
Digital Audio Output
Press [OK] to show the following settings:
hDolby Audio
hMPEG Audio
Select the audio signal to output.
Select “PCM”, when the connected
equipment cannot decode the respective
audio format. This unit decodes the audio
format and transmits to the connected
If you do not make proper settings the audio
may be static or noisy.
hBD-Video Secondary Audio
Select whether or not to mix the primary and
secondary audio (including the button click
If “Off” is selected, the unit outputs the primary
audio only.
To enjoy BD-Video that supports Dolby Atmos® or
Connect this unit to an AV amplifier or similar device that
supports it with an HDMI cable, and select the following
Dolby Audio: “Bitstream”
DTS/DTS-HD: “Bitstream”
BD-Video Secondary Audio: “Off”
Dolby Atmos is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories.
OPTICAL Down Sampling
Set the maximum sampling frequency to be used
when outputting down-sampled audio from the
OPTICAL terminal.
Set a frequency supported by the connected
When playing back BD-Video, signals are
converted to 48 kHz despite the settings in the
following cases:
when the signals have a sampling frequency
of 192 kHz
when the disc has copy protection
when “BD-Video Secondary Audio” is set to
Select the downmix system of multi-channel to
2-channel sound.
Select “Surround encoded”, when the
connected equipment supports the virtual
surround function.
The downmix effect is not available when
“Digital Audio Output” is set to “Bitstream”.
The audio will be output in “Stereo” in the
following cases:
AVCHD playback
Playback of secondary audio (including the
button click sound).
Automatic Automatically selects the type
of picture shown.
Field Select if jittering occurs when
“Automatic” is selected.
Select if small text or fine
patterns cannot be seen
clearly when “Automatic” is
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