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This unit adopts the following technology for copyright protection.
Cinavia Notice
This product uses Cinavia technology to limit the use of
unauthorized copies of some commercially-produced film and
videos and their soundtracks. When a prohibited use of an
unauthorized copy is detected, a message will be displayed and
playback or copying will be interrupted.
More information about Cinavia technology is provided at the
Cinavia Online Consumer Information Center at
http://www.cinavia.com. To request additional information about
Cinavia by mail, send a postcard with your mailing address to:
Cinavia Consumer Information Center, P.O. Box 86851, San
Diego, CA, 92138, USA.
The operation history may be recorded in the memory of
this unit.
Disposal of Old Equipment and Batteries
Only for European Union and countries with
recycling systems
These symbols on the products, packaging, and/
or accompanying documents mean that used
electrical and electronic products and batteries
must not be mixed with general household waste.
For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of
old products and used batteries, please take them
to applicable collection points in accordance with
your national legislation.
By disposing of them correctly, you will help to
save valuable resources and prevent any potential
negative effects on human health and the
For more information about collection and
recycling, please contact your local municipality.
Penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal
of this waste, in accordance with national
Note for the battery symbol (bottom
This symbol might be used in combination with a
chemical symbol. In this case it complies with the
requirement set by the Directive for the chemical
Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
Hereby, “Panasonic Corporation” declares that this product is
in compliance with the essential requirements and other
relevant provisions of Directive 2014/53/EU.
Customers can download a copy of the original DoC to our
RE products from our DoC server:
Contact to Authorised Representative:
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH, Panasonic Testing
Centre, Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
5.15 - 5.35 GHz band is restricted to indoor operations only in
the following countries.
Restriction on use of
unauthorized copied content
To dispose or transfer this
The unit may keep the user settings information in the unit. If
you discard this unit either by disposal or transfer, then follow
the procedure to return all the settings to the factory presets
to delete the user settings. (>36, “To return all settings to the
factory preset.”)
Wireless LAN connection
The following limits are in place regarding the usage of this
unit. You must be aware of these limits before using this unit.
Panasonic will in no way be responsible for any incidental
damage which may arise due to a failure to obey these limits,
or to any condition of use or disuse of this unit.
Data transmitted and received over radio waves may be
intercepted and monitored.
This unit contains delicate electronic components.
Please use this unit in the manner in which it was
intended and follow the following points:
Do not expose this unit to high temperatures or direct
Do not bend, or subject this unit to strong impacts.
Keep this unit away from moisture.
Do not disassemble or alter this unit in any way.
Type of wireless Frequency band Maximum power
(dBm e.i.r.p.)
2412-2472 MHz
5180-5320 MHz
5500-5700 MHz
20 dBm
23 dBm
23 dBm
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