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Sound Effects*1, *2
Select the sound effect.
(Upsampling up to 192 kHz/32 bit is possible.)
Night Surround :
Enjoy a movie with powerful sound even when
the volume is kept low at night. The audio is set
in such a way that it can be heard easily.
Remaster :
This feature gives you brighter sound by
increasing the high frequency portion of the
Recommended setting
Digital Tube Sound :
This feature gives you a warm sound, like that
produced by a vacuum tube amplifier.
Recommended setting
Sound Effect Frequency
Set the maximum sampling frequency for the
audio selected in “Sound Effects”.
Even when “96/88.2kHz” is selected, an audio
source with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz or
higher will be output with the original sampling
When “Sound Effects” is set to “Off”, this setting
is disabled.
DSD Decode Sampling Frequency
Select the settings that suit your sound quality
DSD LPF Setting
Select the settings that suit your sound quality
Dialogue Enhancer*2
The volume of the centre channel is raised to
make dialog easier to hear.
High Clarity Sound
Stop processing signals that affect the audio
quality to make the audio quality clearer. (>32)
Select whether or not to output images.
This setting is able to switch by pressing green
button on the remote control during music
If “On (Video Off)” is selected, the setting will be
cancelled after you play back a video.
*1 Not every function can be set individually.
*2 This function is effective only when “Digital Audio Output” is
set to “PCM” (>31).
Signal Format
Graphic Display Level
3D position for the Option menu or message
screen, etc. can be adjusted during 3D playback.
Sound Settings
Remaster 1 Pop and rock
Remaster 2 Jazz
Remaster 3 Classical
Digital Tube
Sound 1 A crisp, delicate sound
Digital Tube
Sound 2 A tight, hi-fi sound
Digital Tube
Sound 3 A soft, rich sound
Digital Tube
Sound 4 A clear, powerful sound
Digital Tube
Sound 5
A distinctive mid-range
Digital Tube
Sound 6 A soft, enveloping sound
3D Settings
Original Keep original picture format.
Side by side 3D picture format comprising
of left and right screens.
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