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Switch “Set 1”, “Set 2” or “Standard” by using
Settings for BD Video playback, Ultra HD
Blu-ray playback and settings for the playback
of other types of media are registered
(The default settings for “Set 1”/ ”Set 2” are the
same as the settings for “Standard”.)
You cannot change the “Standard” settings.
Select a setting suitable for your screen.
Picture Type
Select the picture quality mode during play.
Optimum HDR Adjustment
This setting is also displayed by pressing and
holding [HDR SETTING] for more than
2 seconds. (>20)
[UB420] HDR Optimiser :
If “On” is selected, you can display highly bright
scenes with smooth gradations based on the
luminance information (static metadata) of
playback content.
This function works only for HDR (PQ)
The effect may be enhanced by setting the
“HDR TV Type” that matches your TV in the
Setup menu. (>30)
Dynamic Range Adjustment :
Set the brightness of the entire screen when
outputting HDR (High Dynamic Range) video to
a connected HDR-compatible TV.
DR Conversion Adjustment :
When this unit is connected to a TV that does
not support HDR (High Dynamic Range) input,
HDR video is output converting to a SDR
(Standard Dynamic Range) video signal. If you
set a smaller value, their contrast will be
reproduced more faithfully, but the entire screen
will appear darker. To increase the brightness,
set a larger value.
Luminance Adjustment
Adjust the contrast, brightness and tone curve
Colour Adjustment
Adjust the colour saturation and hue.
Sharpness Adjustment
Adjust the sharpness of images. The greater the
value is, the sharper images will be.
Noise Reduction
Reduce unnecessary noise in videos. The greater
the value is, the less noise will appear.
Bandwidth Limitation
Adjust the bandwidth limitations.
Select the method of conversion for progressive
output to suit the type of material being played.
If the video is disrupted when “Auto” is selected,
select either “Video” or “Film” depending on the
material to be played back.
Reset to Default Picture Settings
Return “Picture Settings” of the selected tab
(“Set 1” or “Set 2”) to the factory preset.
Picture Settings
Picture Settings
Noise Reduction
Sharpness Adjustment
Colour Adjustment
Optimum HDR Adjustment
Reset to Default Picture Settings
Luminance Adjustment
Set 1
Ultra HD Ultra HD
Ultra HD
Set 1
Ultra HD Ultra HD
Blu-ray Blu-ray
Ultra HD
The icon changes depending on
the playback media.
e.g., Ultra HD Blu-ray
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