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You can share photos, videos and music stored in
the Network Contents server*1 [PC, smartphone,
recorders, etc.] connected to your home network.
About support format of Network Contents
When this unit is connected to a Panasonic
recorder with a server function, register this unit
to the recorder.
1Press [HOME].
2Select “Home Network” and press [OK].
3Select “Network Contents Playback” and
press [OK].
The list can be updated by pressing the
green button on the remote control.
The selected equipment can be deleted
from the list by pressing the red button on
the remote control.
[UB420] The connection method can be
switched to Direct Access*2 by pressing the
yellow button on the remote control.
4Select the equipment and press [OK].
5Select the item to play and press [OK].
You may be able to use convenient
functions depending on the content by
pressing [OPTION].
To exit from Network Contents Playback
Press [HOME].
You can use a smartphone or tablet as the Digital
Media Controller (DMC) to playback contents
from Network Contents server*1 on the Renderer
(this unit).
Possible applications:
1Press [HOME].
2Select “Home Network” and press [OK].
3Select “Media Renderer” and press [OK].
4[UB420] Select “Home Network” or “Direct
Access”*2 and press [OK], then follow the
indications on the screen.
5Operate the DMC compatible devices.
To exit from Media Renderer screen
Press [HOME].
[UB420] Direct Access*2 connection while using Home
Network feature is only temporary, and the network
connection method returns to the original setting when
Depending on the device or connection environment, the
data transfer rate may decrease.
Depending on the contents and the connected equipment,
playback may not be possible.
Items displayed in grey on the display cannot be played
back by this unit.
*1 DLNA compatible server, etc.
*2 Direct Access is a function which allows you to wirelessly
and directly connect wireless LAN-equipped devices to
each other without a wireless router in between. You can
connect devices such as those that support Wi-Fi Direct®.
*3 DMC compatible software should be installed.
Playing back contents on the
Network Contents server
Using the Digital Media
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