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In the following cases, settings are possible using the
Setup menu items.
When restricting the use of Network Service
(>34, “Network Service Lock”)
When the audio is distorted
(>33, “Audio Auto Gain Control”)
When wrong time is displayed
(>33, “Time Zone”, “Summer Time”)
When using a slow Internet connection, the video may not
be displayed correctly. A high speed Internet service with a
speed of at least 6 Mbps is recommended.
Be sure to update the firmware as soon as a firmware
update notice is displayed on the screen. If the firmware is
not updated, you may not be able to use Network Service
function properly. (>18)
Network Service Home Screen is subject to change
without notice.
The services through Network Service are operated by
their respective service providers, and service may be
discontinued either temporarily or permanently without
notice. Therefore, Panasonic will make no warranty for the
content or the continuity of the services.
Some features of websites or content of the service may
not be available.
Some content may be inappropriate for viewers.
Some content may only be available for specific countries
and may be presented in specific languages.
Home Network feature
Before using the following features, be sure to
configure the connected equipment on your
Home Network.
Mirroring is a function which displays a
smartphone or tablet’s screen on a TV via this
Enjoy the content shown on a
Miracast®-compatible smartphone or similar
device on your large TV screen.
A device that supports the Mirroring function
and AndroidTM ver. 4.2 or higher is required.
For information on whether the smartphone,
etc. supports Mirroring, contact the
manufacturer of the device.
1Press [HOME].
2Select “Home Network” and press [OK].
3Select “Mirroring” and press [OK].
4Operate the Mirroring compatible device.
On the device, enable Mirroring and select
this unit (DP-UB420) as the device to be
For details, refer to the instructions supplied
with the device.
To exit from Mirroring
Press [HOME].
Using Mirroring
Player Mirroring compatible
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