Getting started
- 16 -
Connecting to the network
The following services can be used when this unit is connected to broadband.
For details about connection method, refer to the instructions supplied with the connected equipment.
See page 3 for the precautions of wireless LAN connection.
Use category 5 or above straight LAN cables (STP) when connecting to peripheral devices.
Inserting any cable other than a LAN cable in the LAN port can damage the unit.
Firmware can be updated (>18)
You can enjoy BD-Live/Network Service (>21, 22)
You can access other devices (Home Network) (>23)
[UB420] This unit supports Direct Access and can make a wireless connection to wireless devices
without router. You can use this function when enjoying Home Network feature, etc. Internet access
is not available while connected via Direct Access. (>24)
Wireless LAN connection
This unit has built-in wireless LAN and can be connected to a wireless router.
The unit is not compatible with public wireless LAN services.
Wireless router, etc. Internet
LAN cable connection
Broadband router, etc. Internet
LAN Cable
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