Built-in wireless LAN
Do not use the built-in wireless LAN to connect to any
wireless network (SSID*) for which you do not have
usage rights. Such networks may be listed as a result
of searches. However, using them may be regarded
as illegal access.
SSID is a name for identifying a particular wireless
network for transmission.
Do not subject the built-in wireless LAN to high
temperatures, direct sunlight or moisture.
Data transmitted and received over radio waves may
be intercepted and monitored.
The built-in wireless LAN uses 2.4 GHz and
5 GHz frequency bands. To avoid malfunctions or
slow response caused by radio wave interference
when using the built-in wireless LAN, keep the TV
away from other devices that use 2.4 GHz and
5 GHz signals such as other wireless LAN devices,
microwave ovens, and mobile phones.
When problems occur due to static electricity, etc., the
TV might stop operating to protect itself. In this case,
turn the TV off at the Mains power On/Off switch, then
turn it back on.
Allow sufficient space (at least 10 cm) around the TV in
order to help prevent excessive heat, which could lead
to early failure of some electronic components.
Ventilation should not be
impeded by covering the
ventilation openings with
items such as newspapers,
tablecloths and curtains.
Whether you are using a pedestal or not, always
ensure the vents at the bottom of the TV are not
blocked and there is sufficient space to enable
adequate ventilation.
To prevent the
spread of fire, keep
candles or other
open flames away
from this product at
all times
Suffocation / Choking Hazard
The packaging of this product may cause suffocation,
and some of the parts are small and may present a
choking hazard to young children. Keep these parts
out of reach of young children.
Do not disassemble or modify the pedestal.
Do not use any pedestal other than the one provided
with this TV.
Do not use the pedestal if it becomes warped or
physically damaged. If this occurs, contact your
nearest Panasonic dealer immediately.
During setup, make sure that all screws are securely
Ensure that the TV does not suffer any impact during
installation of the pedestal.
Ensure that children do not climb onto the pedestal.
Install or remove the TV from the pedestal with at
least two people.
Install or remove the TV according to the specified
Radio waves
Do not use the TV in any medical institutions or
locations with medical equipment. Radio waves may
interfere with the medical equipment and may cause
accidents due to malfunction.
Do not use the TV near any automatic control
equipment such as automatic doors or fire alarms.
Radio waves may interfere with the automatic
control equipment and may cause accidents due to
Keep at least 15 cm away from the TV if you have a
cardiac pacemaker. Radio waves may interfere with
the operation of the pacemaker.
Do not disassemble or alter the TV in any way.
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