Moving the TV / speaker
Before moving the TV, disconnect all cables and remove
the speaker from the pedestal.
At least two people are required to move the TV to
prevent injury that may be caused by the tipping or
falling of TV.
Do not hold the screen part as shown below when
moving the TV. This may cause malfunction or
How to carry the TV. (p. 11)
Transport only in upright position. Transporting the TV
with its display panel facing upwards or downwards
may cause damage to the internal circuitry.
Do not hold the speaker in one hand.
Do not hold the speaker net part.
Support the speaker as shown below to prevent injury
that may be caused by the falling of the speaker.
Be careful not to nip the fingers between the speaker
and pedestal when installing the speaker to the
When not in use for a long time
This TV will still consume some power even in the Off
mode, as long as the mains plug is still connected to a
live mains socket.
Remove the mains plug from the wall socket when
the TV is not in use for a prolonged period of time.
Excessive volume
Do not expose your ears to
excessive volume from the
headphones. Irreversible
damage can be caused.
If you hear a drumming noise in your ears, turn down
the volume or temporarily stop using the headphones.
Battery for the Remote Control / Touch Pad
Incorrect installation may cause battery leakage,
corrosion and explosion.
Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
Do not mix old and new batteries.
Do not mix different battery types (such as alkaline
and manganese batteries).
Do not use rechargeable batteries (Ni-Cd, etc.).
Do not burn or break up batteries.
Do not expose batteries to excessive heat such as
sunshine, fire or the like.
Make sure you dispose of batteries correctly.
Remove the battery from the unit when not using for
a prolonged period of time to prevent battery leakage,
corrosion and explosion.
Magnetic influence
Keep magnet field sensitive objects, such as a
cardiac pacemaker, magnetic / IC card, etc. away
from speaker / cover. Otherwise, malfunction or data
loss may occur.
Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
“Hereby, Panasonic Corporation declares that this TV is
in compliance with the essential requirements and other
relevant provisions of the Directive 2014/53/EU.”
If you want to get a copy of the original DoC of this TV,
please visit the following website:
Authorized Representative:
Panasonic Testing Centre
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
Winsbergring 15, D-22525 Hamburg, Germany
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