Important Notice
Do not display any still part of the image
for a long period
In such cases the still part of the image remains dimly
on the screen (“image retention”). This is not considered
a malfunction and is not covered by the warranty.
Typical still image parts:
Still images shown continuously on the same area
(ex. channel number, channel logo, other logos or
title image, etc.)
Still or moving pictures viewed in
4:3 or 14:9 aspect ratio, etc.
Video games
To avoid image retention, the screen saver may
be activated (OLED logo moves) or the on-screen
message may move after a few minutes if no signals
are sent or no operations are performed.
To avoid image retention, the screen may become
dim when the motionless image is displayed. This
is not a malfunction. The brightness of the screen
returns to the previous level when the active image is
Be sure to turn the TV off with the remote control to
perform the panel maintenance. During the panel
maintenance, LED turns to orange. (p. 28) The
maintenance works as necessary.
Set aspect ratio to [4:3 full] for 4:3 image. For details,
refer to [eHELP] (Search by Purpose > Watching >
For best picture).
For more information
“Panel maintenance” (p. 28)
Notice for DVB / Data broadcasting /
IPTV functions
This TV is designed to meet the standards (as of August,
2017) of digital services.
Not all the features are available depending on the
country, area, broadcaster, service provider and
network environment.
Compatibility with future services is not guaranteed.
Internet apps are provided by their respective service
providers, and may be changed, interrupted, or
discontinued at any time.
Panasonic assumes no responsibility and makes no
warranty for the availability or the continuity of the
Panasonic does not guarantee operation and
performance of peripheral devices made by other
manufacturers; and we disclaim any liability or damage
arising from operation and/or performance from usage of
such other maker’s peripheral devices.
Handling of customer information
When using Internet connecting function of this TV, after
agreeing to Panasonic‘s terms of service / privacy policy
(hereinafter referred to as terms and conditions etc.),
Customer Information on the use of this unit may be
collected and used according to terms and conditions
For details of terms of service / privacy policy, refer
to [eHELP] (Search by Purpose > Network > Network
settings > Terms of Service and Settings)
Customer’s personal information may be recorded on
this TV by broadcasting organization or application
provider. Before repairing, transferring or discarding
this TV, erase all the information recorded on this TV
according to the following procedure.
[eHELP] (Search by Purpose > Functions > Shipping
Customer Information may be collected by provider
via application provided by third parties on this TV or
website. Please confirm the terms and conditions etc. of
provider in advance.
Panasonic will not be held responsible for collecting
or using customer Information via application
provided by third party on this TV or website.
When entering your credit card number, name, etc.,
pay special attention to the trustworthiness of the
Registered information may be registered in the
server etc. of provider. Before repairing, transferring
or discarding this TV, be sure to erase the information
according to the terms and conditions etc. of provider.
The recording and playback of content on this or any
other device may require permission from the owner
of the copyright or other such rights in that content.
Panasonic has no authority to and does not grant
you that permission and explicitly disclaims any right,
ability or intention to obtain such permission on your
behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use
of this or any other device complies with applicable
copyright legislation in your country. Please refer to that
legislation for more information on the relevant laws and
regulations involved or contact the owner of the rights in
the content you wish to record or playback.
This product is licensed under the AVC patent portfolio
license for the personal and non-commercial use of a
consumer to (i) encode video in compliance with the
AVC Standard (“AVC Video”) and/or (ii) decode AVC
Video that was encoded by a consumer engaged in
a personal and non-commercial activity and/or was
obtained from a video provider licensed to provide AVC
Video. No license is granted or shall be implied for any
other use.
Additional information may be obtained from MPEG LA,
See http://www.mpegla.com.
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