A broadband network environment is required to be able
to use internet services.
If you do not have any broadband network services,
please consult your retailer for assistance.
Prepare the internet environment for wired connection
or wireless connection.
Setup of the network connection will start when first
using the TV. (p. 29)
Wired connection
Internet environment
LAN cable (Shielded)
Use Shielded Twist Pair (STP) LAN cable.
Wireless connection
Built-in wireless LAN (Rear of the TV)
Access point
Connections for 4K / HDR compatible
HDMI cable
4K / HDR compatible equipment
To watch high-definition 4K more accurately or HDR
content, connect the 4K compatible equipment to
HDMI1 or 2 terminal.
Connect the 4K compatible equipment to HDMI
terminal using a 4K compatible cable and you can
watch content in 4K format.
Supporting HDR does not increase the peak
brightness capabilities of the TV panel.
[HDMI Auto Setting] (Setup Menu)
Reproduces the image more precisely with the
expanded colour gamut when connecting the 4K
compatible equipment. Select the mode depending on
the equipment.
For better compatibility. Set to [Mode1] when the
image or sound in HDMI input is not played properly.
For the 4K compatible equipment that has the
function to output the image precisely with the
expanded colour gamut
To change the mode
1. Select the HDMI input mode connected to the
2. Display the menu and select [HDMI Auto Setting]
(Setup Menu).
For information about the valid format, refer to
[eHELP] (Search by Purpose > Watching > 4K
resolution > HDMI Auto Setting).
Other connections
DVD Player
(COMPONENT equipment)
DVD Player
Camcorder / Game equipment
(VIDEO equipment)
Camcorder / Game equipment
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