4.6.2 System
The System page allows you to congure your wireless router
To set up the System settings:
1. From the navigation panel, go to Advanced Settings >
Administration > System tab.
2. You can congure the following settings:
• Change router login password: You can change the
password and login name for the wireless router by entering
a new name and password.
• WPS button behavior: The physical WPS button on the
wireless router can be used to activate WPS or switch o
wireless networking.
• Time Zone: Select the time zone for your network.
• NTP Server: The wireless router can access a NTP (Network
time Protocol) server in order to synchronize the time.
• Enable Telnet: Click Yes to enable Telnet services on the
network. Click No to disable Telnet.
• Authentication Method: You can select HTTP, HTTPS, or
both protocols to secure router access.
• Enable Web Access from WAN: Select Ye s to allow devices
outside the network to access the wireless router GUI
settings. Select No to prevent access.
• Only allow specic IP: Click Yes if you want to specify the IP
addresses of devices that are allowed access to the wireless
router GUI settings from WAN.
• Client List: Enter the WAN IP addresses of networking
devices allowed to access the wireless router settings. This
list will be used if you clicked Yes in the Only allow specic
IP item.
3. Click Apply.
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