4.3.4 DMZ
Virtual DMZ exposes one client to the Internet, allowing this
client to receive all inbound packets directed to your Local Area
Inbound trac from the Internet is usually discarded and routed
to a specic client only if port forwarding or a port trigger has
been congured on the network. In a DMZ conguration, one
network client receives all inbound packets.
Setting up DMZ on a network is useful when you need incoming
ports open or you want to host a domain, web, or e-mail server.
CAUTION: Opening all the ports on a client to the Internet makes the
network vulnerable to outside attacks. Please be aware of the security
risks involved in using DMZ.
To set up DMZ:
1. From the navigation panel, go to Advanced Settings > WAN >
DMZ tab.
2. Congure the setting below. When done, click Apply.
• IP address of Exposed Station: Key in the client’s LAN IP
address that will provide the DMZ service and be exposed
on the Internet. Ensure that the server client has a static IP
To remove DMZ:
1. Delete the client’s LAN IP address from the IP Address of
Exposed Station text box.
2. When done, click Apply.
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