4.3.2 Port Trigger
Port range triggering opens a predetermined incoming port for a
limited period of time whenever a client on the local area network
makes an outgoing connection to a specied port. Port triggering
is used in the following scenarios:
• More than one local client needs port forwarding for the
same application at a dierent time.
• An application requires specic incoming ports that are
dierent from the outgoing ports.
To set up Port Trigger:
1. From the navigation panel, go to Advanced Settings > WAN >
Port Trigger tab.
2. Congure the following settings below. When done, click
• Enable Port Trigger: Choose Ye s to enable Port Trigger.
• Well-Known Applications: Select popular games and web
services to add to the Port Trigger List.
• Description: Enter a short name or description for the service.
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