• Wireless multicast forwarding: Select Enable to allow the
wireless router to forward multicast trac to other wireless
devices that support multicast. Select Disable to prevent the
router from forwarding multicast transmissions.
• Enable WMM APSD: Enable WMM APSD (Wi-Fi Multimedia
Automatic Power Save Delivery) to improve power
management between wireless devices. Select Disable to
switch o WMM APSD.
• TX Power adjustment: TX Power adjustment refers to the
milliWatts (mW) needed to power the radio signal output of
the wireless router. Enter a value between 0 to 100.
NOTE: Increasing the TX Power adjustment values may aect the
stability of the wireless network.
4.2 LAN
4.2.1 LAN IP
The LAN IP screen allows you to modify the LAN IP settings of your
wireless router.
NOTE: Any changes to the LAN IP address will be reected on your
DHCP settings.
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