• Date to Enable Radio (weekend): You can specify which
days of the weekend wireless networking is enabled.
• Time of Day to Enable Radio: You can specify a time range
when wireless networking is enabled during the weekend.
• Set AP isolated: The Set AP isolated item prevents wireless
devices on your network from communicating with each
other. This feature is useful if many guests frequently join or
leave your network. Select Yes to enable this feature or select
No to disable.
• Multicast rate (Mbps): Select the multicast transmission
rate or click Disable to switch o simultaneous single
• Preamble Type: Preamble Type denes the length of time
that the router spent for CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check). CRC
is a method of detecting errors during data transmission.
Select Short for a busy wireless network with high network
trac. Select Long if your wireless network is composed of
older or legacy wireless devices.
• RTS Threshold: Select a lower value for RTS (Request to
Send) Threshold to improve wireless communication in a
busy or noisy wireless network with high network trac and
numerous wireless devices.
• DTIM Interval: DTIM (Delivery Trac Indication Message)
Interval or Data Beacon Rate is the time interval before a
signal is sent to a wireless device in sleep mode indicating
that a data packet is awaiting delivery. The default value is
three milliseconds.
• Beacon Interval: Beacon Interval is the time between one
DTIM and the next. The default value is 100 milliseconds.
Lower the Beacon Interval value for an unstable wireless
connection or for roaming devices.
• Enable TX Bursting: Enable TX Bursting improves
transmission speed between the wireless router and 802.11g
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