4.1.4 RADIUS Setting
RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) Setting
provides an extra layer of security when you choose WPA-
Enterprise, WPA2-Enterprise, or Radius with 802.1x as your
Authentication Mode.
To set up wireless RADIUS settings:
1. Ensure that the wireless router’s authentication mode is set to
WPA-Enterprise, WPA2-Enterprise, or Radius with 802.1x.
NOTE: Please refer to section 4.1.1 General section for conguring your
wireless router’s Authentication Mode.
2. From the navigation panel, go to Advanced Settings >
Wireless > RADIUS Setting.
3. Select the frequency band.
4. In the Server IP Address eld, key in your RADIUS server’s IP
5. In the Connection Secret eld, assign the password to access
your RADIUS server.
6. Click Apply.
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