• WPA/WPA2 Personal/WPA Auto-Personal: This option
provides strong security. You can use either WPA (with
TKIP) or WPA2 (with AES). If you select this option, you must
use TKIP + AES encryption and enter the WPA passphrase
(network key).
• WPA/WPA2 Enterprise/WPA Auto-Enterprise: This option
provides very strong security. It is with integrated EAP server
or an external RADIUS back-end authentication server.
• Radius with 802.1x
NOTE: Your wireless router supports the maximum transmission rate
of 54Mbps when the Wireless Mode is set to Auto and encryption
method is WEP or TKIP.
9. Select any of these WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) Encryption
options for the data transmitted over your wireless network:
• Of: Disables WEP encryption
• 64-bit: Enables weak WEP encryption
• 128-bit: Enables improved WEP encryption.
10. When done, click Apply.
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