5. On the User-dened Priority page, you can prioritize the
network applications or devices into ve levels from the user-
dened QoS rules’ dropdown list. Based on priority level, you
can use the following methods to send data packets:
• Changetheorderofupstreamnetworkpacketsthataresent
to the Internet.
• UnderUpload Bandwidth table, set Minimum Reserved
Bandwidth and Maximum Bandwidth Limit for multiple
network applications with dierent priority levels. The
percentages indicate the upload bandwidth rates that are
available for specied network applications.
• Low-prioritypacketsaredisregardedtoensurethetransmissionof
high-priority packets.
• UnderDownload Bandwidth table, set Maximum Bandwidth
Limit for multiple network applications in corresponding order.
The higher priority upstream packet will cause the higher priority
downstream packet.
• Iftherearenopacketsbeingsentfromhigh-priorityapplications,the
full transmission rate of the Internet connection is available for low-
priority packets.
6. Set the highest priority packet. To ensure a smooth online
gaming experience, you can set ACK, SYN, and ICMP as the
highest priority packet.
NOTE: Ensure to enable QoS rst and set up the upload and download
rate limits.
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