Safety Precautions
To help avoid risk of electrical shock, fire, damage or
injury, please follow the warnings and cautions below:
Mains plug and lead
If you detect anything unusual,
immediately remove the mains
This TV is designed to operate on AC 220-240 V,
50 / 60 Hz.
Insert the mains plug fully into the mains socket.
To turn Off the apparatus completely, you must pull
the mains plug out of the mains socket.
Consequently, the mains plug should be easily
accessible at all times.
Disconnect the mains plug when cleaning the TV.
Do not touch the mains plug with wet
Do not damage the mains lead.
Do not place a heavy
object on the lead.
Do not place the lead near
a high temperature object.
Do not pull on the lead.
Hold onto the mains plug
body when disconnecting
the plug.
Do not move the TV with the lead plugged into a
mains socket.
Do not twist the lead, bend it excessively or stretch it.
Do not use a damaged mains plug or mains
Ensure the TV does not crush the mains lead.
Do not use any mains lead other than that provided
with this TV.
Take care
Do not remove covers and never
modify the TV yourself as live
parts are accessible and risk
of electric shock when they are
removed. There are no user
serviceable parts inside.
Do not expose the TV to rain
or excessive moisture. This
TV must not be exposed to
dripping or splashing water
and objects filled with liquid,
such as vases, must not be
placed on top of or above
the TV.
Do not insert foreign objects into the TV through the
air vents.
If the TV is used in an area where insects may easily
enter the TV.
It is possible for insects to enter the TV, such as small
flies, spiders, ants, etc. which may cause damage to
the TV or become trapped in an area visible on the
TV, e.g. within the screen.
Do not use an unapproved pedestal / mounting
equipment. Be sure to ask your local Panasonic
dealer to perform the setup or installation of approved
wall-hanging brackets.
Do not apply any strong force or impact to the display
Ensure that children do not climb on the TV.
Do not place the TV on sloping
or unstable surfaces, and
ensure that the TV does not
hang over the edge of the
Important information
If the TV is not positioned in a sufficiently stable
location, it can be potentially hazardous due to
falling. Many injuries, particularly to children, can
be avoided by taking simple precautions such as:
Using cabinets or stands recommended by the
manufacturer of the TV.
Only using furniture that can safely support the
Ensuring the TV is not overhanging the edge of
the supporting furniture.
Not placing the TV on tall furniture (for example,
cupboards or bookcases) without anchoring
both the furniture and the TV to a suitable
Not standing the TV on cloth or other materials
placed between the TV and supporting furniture.
Educating children about the dangers of
climbing on furniture to reach the TV or its
This TV is designed for indoor use.
This TV is designed for table-top use.
Do not expose the TV to direct
sunlight and other sources of
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