Tick the TV signal mode to tune, and then select
[Start Auto Tuning]
: tune (search for the available channels)
: skip tuning
Select your region (Satellite)
New Zealand
Auto Tuning is now complete and
your TV is ready for viewing.
If tuning has failed check the RF cable, and the network
connection, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
The TV goes into Standby mode when no operation
is performed for 4 hours if [Auto Standby] in the Timer
Menu is set to [On].
The TV goes into Standby mode when no signal is
received and no operation is performed for
10 minutes if [No signal Power off] in the Timer Menu
is set to [On].
To retune all channels
[Auto Tuning] in [Tuning Menu] (Setup Menu)
If no satellite channel is found, set [LNB Band
Frequency] to suit your environment.
New Zealand
[LNB Configuration] in [Satellite TV Tuning
Menu] (Setup Menu)
To add the available TV signal mode later
[Add TV Signal] in [Tuning Menu] (Setup Menu)
Only available when either Analogue or Digital
Signal are selected.
To initialise all settings
[Shipping Condition] in [System Menu] (Setup
First time Auto
When the TV is turned on for the first time, it will
automatically search for available TV channels and give
options to set up the TV.
These steps are not necessary if the setup has been
completed by your local dealer.
Please complete connections (p. 9 - 12) and settings
(if necessary) of the connected equipment before
starting Auto Tuning. For information about the
settings for the connected equipment, read the
manual of the equipment.
1 Plug the TV into a live mains socket
and turn the power on
Takes a few seconds to be displayed.
2 Select the following items
Set up each item by following the on-screen instructions.
Please select your viewing environment.
Home Shop
How to use remote control
Move the cursor
Access the item / store the setting
Return to the previous item (if available)
Select the language
Select [Home]
Select [Home] viewing environment to use in your home
[Shop] is for shop display.
To change viewing environment later on, you will
need to initialise all settings by accessing Shipping
Set up the network connection
Select your area
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