Basic connections
Mains lead
AC 220-240 V
50 / 60 Hz
Mains lead
Insert the mains plug firmly into place.
When disconnecting the mains
lead, be absolutely sure to
disconnect the mains plug from
the mains socket first.
RF cable
For Digital TV, Analogue TV
Keep RF (aerial) cable away from the mains lead to
avoid and minimise mains interference pickup.
Do not place the RF cable under the TV.
An aerial, correct cable (75 coaxial) and correct
terminating plug are required to obtain optimum
quality picture and sound.
If a communal aerial system is used, you may require
the correct connection cable and plug between the
wall aerial socket and the TV.
Your local Television Service Centre or dealer may
be able to assist you in obtaining the correct aerial
system for your particular area and the accessories
Any matters regarding aerial installation, upgrading
of existing systems or accessories required, and
the costs incurred, are the responsibility of you, the
If the aerial is placed in the wrong location,
interference might happen.
Satellite dish
New Zealand
Satellite cable
Satellite dish
For Satellite TV
To ensure your satellite dish is correctly installed,
please consult your local dealer. Also consult the
received satellite broadcasting companies for details.
AV devices
DVD Recorder / VCR
RF cable
HDMI cable
DVD Recorder / VCR
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