ASUS CUBX User’s Manual 97
7.2 ASUS CIDB Intrusion Detection Module
The optional ASUS CIDB is a module for providing audible intrusion alarm and
logging for ASUS motherboards equipped with the chassis connector. The module
detects a chassis intrusion by either light striking its photo sensor or by the closing
or opening of a chassis-mounted momentary toggle switch. An intrusion memory
function allows detection and clearing the intrusion notification by the BIOS pro-
gram on the next bootup.
7.2.1 Using the ASUS CIDB
1. You must have an ASUS motherboard with: (1) a chassis connector and (2) a
System Management Bus (SMB) connector.
2. Connect the CIDB directly to the chassis connector or use the provided exten-
sion cable and mount the CIDB to the chassis using a double-sided foam adhe-
sive tape or with screws and spacer posts.
CAUTION! The CIDB’s component pins and metallic points must not come in
contact with another metallic surface or else shorting will occur!
3. Use the SMBIN connector and the provided SMB cable to connect the CIDB to
the SMB connector on the motherboard. If another SMB device is already used
on the motherboard, you may unplug it and connect it to the SMBOUT connec-
tor on the CIDB.
4. Check the hardware settings:
PHOTO jumper should be enabled to use the photo sensor.
MS1 and/or MS2 connectors should be connected to momentary toggle
switches mounted on the chassis to use the switch close or switch open
method for triggering an intrusion event.
Battery for the memory
Buzzer to sound the alarm
Photo sensor to detect intrusion by light
Connector to dock with the motherboard’s
SMBus connector
Connector to dock with the
motherboard’s chassis connector
Intrusion memory
Photo sensor sensitivity adjustment
SMB cable
Pass-through for another SMBus device
Connectors to detect intrusion by chassis
mounted micro switches
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