ASUS CUBX User’s Manual 9
UltraDMA/66 & UltraDMA/33 Bus Master IDE: Comes with an onboard
CMD UltraDMA/66 IDE controller with two connectors that support four
UltraDMA/66 IDE devices in two channels. Supports UltraDMA/66, UltraDMA/
33, PIO Modes 3 and 4, and Bus Master IDE DMA Mode 2, as well as Enhanced
IDE devices, such as Tape Backup, CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, and LS-120 drives.
Two additional IDE connectors are onboard that support four UltraDMA/33 IDE
devices. A total of 8 IDE devices can be connected.
Wake-On-LAN Connector: Supports Wake-On-LAN activity through an op-
tional ASUS PCI-L101 10/100 Fast Ethernet PCI card (see 7.1 PCI-L101 LAN
Card) or a similar ethernet card.
Suspend and Go: Suspend-to-RAM (STR) provides maximum power savings
as an alternative to leaving the computer ON and QuickStart™ so that you do
not have to wait for a long time for system bootup (see Suspend-to-RAM Ca-
pability in 4.5 Power Menu for more information).
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