8ASUS CUBX Users Manual
2.1 The ASUS CUBX Motherboard
The ASUS CUBX is carefully designed for the demanding PC user who wants ad-
vanced features processed by the fastest CPU.
2.1.1 Specifications
Latest Intel Processor Support
Intel Pentium
III 100MHz FSB Coppermine core FC-PGA
Intel Celeron™ 66MHz FSB Mendocino PPGA
Intel AGPset: Features Intels 440BX AGPset with I/O subsystems and front-side
bus (FSB) platform, which boosts the traditional 66MHz external bus speed to 100MHz.
• JumperFree™ Mode: Allows processor settings and easy overclocking of fre-
quency and Vcore voltage all through BIOS setup when JumperFree™ mode is
enabled. Easy-to-use DIP switches instead of jumpers are included to allow
manual adjustment of the processor’s external frequency.
Anti-Boot Virus BIOS: Features a programmable BIOS, offering enhanced
Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) support for Windows 98 com-
patibility, built-in firmware-based virus protection through Trend ChipAway Virus
codes, and autodetection of most devices for virtually automatic setup.
PC100 Memory Support: Equipped with four DIMM sockets to support Intel
PC100-compliant SDRAMs (8, 16, 32, 64, 128, or 256MB) up to 1 GB. These
new SDRAMs are necessary to meet the critical enhanced 100MHz bus speed
Peripheral Wake Up: Supports modem, PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, and LAN
card wake up functions from sleep or soft-off mode.
PC Health Monitoring: Provides an easier way to examine and manage system
status information, such as CPU and system voltages, temperatures, and fan
status through the onboard hardware ASIC and the bundled LDCM by Intel or
PC Probe from ASUS.
AGP Slot: Supports an Accelerated Graphics Port card for high performance,
component level interconnect targeted at 3D graphical display applications us-
ing a 1X or 2X mode bus.
PCI/ISA Expansion Slots: Provides options of six 32-bit PCI (rev 2.2) expansion
slots with one ISA or six PCI with no ISA, depending on territory. PCI supports
up to 133MB/s maximum throughput.
Multi-I/O: Provides two high-speed UART compatible serial ports and one paral-
lel port with EPP and ECP capabilities.
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