ASUS CUBX User’s Manual
Windows 98
Intel LDCM Administrator Setup: Installs software to monitor PC systems on
the network within the same bridge address with the Client software installed.
The administrator should install both Administrator and Client software.
Intel LDCM Client Setup: Installs software to monitor the Client system. The
LANDesk Client Manager must be installed to use the hardware manager features.
ASUS BIOS Flash Utility for LDCM: Installs a utility that can remotely flash
a client PC’s BIOS when used in conjunction with Intel LDCM Administrator.
Install Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver: Instructions on installing Intel’s Ultra
ATA Storage Driver.
Install ASUS PC Probe Vx.xx: Installs a utility to monitor your computers fan,
temperature, and voltages.
Install ASUS Update Vx.xx: Installs a program to help you update your BIOS
or download a BIOS image file.
Install PC-cillin 98 Vx.xx: Installs the PC-cillin virus protection software. View
the online help for more information.
Install Adobe Acrobat Reader Vx.x: Installs the Adobe Acrobat Reader soft-
ware necessary to view user’s manuals saved in PDF format. Updated or other
language versions of this motherboard's manual is available in PDF format at
any of our web sites.
Show Motherboard Information: Allows you to view information about your
motherboard, such as product name, BIOS version, and CPU.
Browse Support CD: Allows you to view the contents of the CD.
5.3 BX Series Motherboard Support CD
NOTE: The support CD contents are subject to change at any time without notice.
To begin using your support CD disc, just insert it into your CD-ROM drive and the
support CD installation menu should appear. If the menu does not appear, double-
click or run E:\ASSETUP.EXE (assuming that your CD-ROM drive is drive E:).
5.3.1 Installation Menu
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