ASUS CUBX User’s Manual 73
Exit Menu
Exit Saving Changes
Once you are finished making your selections, choose this option from the
Exit menu to ensure the values you selected are saved to the CMOS RAM.
The CMOS RAM is sustained by an onboard backup battery and stays on
even when the PC is turned off. Once this option is selected, a confirmation
is asked. Select [Yes] to save changes and exit.
NOTE: If you attempt to exit the Setup program without saving your
changes, the program will prompt you with a message asking if you want
to save your changes before exiting. Pressing <Enter> will then save changes
while exiting.
Exit Discarding Changes
This option should only be used if you do not want to save the changes you
have made to the Setup program. If you have made changes to fields other
than system date, system time, and password, the system will ask for con-
firmation before exiting.
4.7 Exit Menu
Once you have made all of your selections from the various menus in the
Setup program, you should save your changes and exit Setup. Select Exit
from the menu bar to display the following menu:
NOTE: Pressing <Esc> does not exit this menu. You must select one of the
options from this menu or <F10> from the legend bar to exit this menu.
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