ASUS CUBX User’s Manual60
Onboard FDC Swap A & B [No Swap]
This field allows you to reverse the hardware drive letter assignments of
your floppy disk drives. Configuration options: [No Swap] [Swap AB]
Floppy Disk Access Control [R/W]
When set to [Read Only], this field protects files from being copied to floppy
disks by allowing reads from the floppy disk drive but not writes. The setup
default [R/W] allows both reads and writes. Configuration options: [R/W]
[Read Only]
Onboard Serial Port 1 [3F8H/IRQ4], Onboard Serial Port 2 [2F8H/IRQ3]
These fields allow you to set the addresses for the onboard serial connec-
tors. Serial Port 1 and Serial Port 2 must have different addresses. Con-
figuration options: [3F8H/IRQ4] [2F8H/IRQ3] [3E8H/IRQ4] [2E8H/
IRQ10] [Disabled]
UART2 Use Infrared [Disabled]
When enabled, this field activates the onboard infrared feature and sets the
second serial UART to support the infrared module connector on the moth-
erboard. If your system already has a second serial port connected to the
onboard COM2 connector, it will no longer work if you enable the infrared
feature. See IrDA-Compliant Infrared Module Connector in 3.8 Exter-
nal Connectors. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]
4.4.2 I/O Device Configuration
I/O Device Config
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