ASUS CUBX User’s Manual54
4.4 Advanced Menu
CPU Speed [Manual]
When the motherboard is set to JumperFree
mode (see 3.4 Motherboard Settings), this field
allows you to select the internal speed of your
CPU. Available options include multiples of 66
and 100. Select [Manual] if you want to make
changes to the subsequent 2 fields. Note that
selecting a frequency higher than the CPU
manufacturer recommends may cause the sys-
tem to hang or crash. See System Hangup on
page 57.
CPU Core:Bus Freq. Multiple (when CPU Speed is set to [Manual])
This field sets the frequency multiple between the CPU’s internal frequency
and external frequency. This must be set in conjunction with CPU Bus Fre-
quency to match the speed of your CPU. Configuration options: [2.0x] [2.5x]
[3.0x]...[7.0x] [7.5x] [8.0x]
CPU Bus/PCI Freq. (MHz) (when CPU Speed is set to [Manual])
This feature tells the clock generator what frequencies to send to the local
bus and PCI devices onboard. The bus frequency (external frequency) mul-
tiplied by the bus multiple equals the CPUs internal frequency (the CPU
Advanced Menu
Multiples of 66
(for a 66MHz FSB)
Multiples of 100
(for a 100MHz FSB)
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