ASUS CUBX User’s Manual 53
Main Menu
Language [English]
This allows selection of the BIOS displayed language. Configuration options:
Supervisor Password [Disabled], User Password [Disabled]
This field allows you to set the password. To set the password, highlight the appro-
priate field and press <Enter>.
Type in a password and press <Enter>. You can type up to eight alphanumeric char-
acters. Symbols and other keys are ignored. To confirm the password, type the pass-
word again and press the <Enter>. The password is now set to [Enabled]. This pass-
word allows full access to the BIOS Setup menus.
To clear the password, highlight this field and press <Enter>. The same dialog box
as above will appear. Press <Enter> and the password will be set to [Disabled].
A Note about Passwords
The BIOS Setup program allows you to specify passwords in the Main menu. The
passwords control access to the BIOS and certain Security menu options during
system startup. The passwords are not case sensitive. In other words, it makes no
difference whether you enter a password using upper or lowercase letters.
The BIOS Setup program allows you to specify two separate passwords: a Supervisor
password and a User password. When disabled, anyone may access all BIOS Setup
program functions. When enabled, the Supervisor password is required for entering
the BIOS Setup program and having full access to all Security menu options.
Forgot the password?
If you forgot the password, you can clear the password by erasing the CMOS
Real Time Clock (RTC) RAM. The RAM data containing the password
information is powered by the onboard button cell battery. To erase the
RTC RAM: (1) Unplug your computer, (2) Short the solder points, (3) Turn
ON your computer, (4) Hold down <Delete> during bootup and enter BIOS
setup to re-enter user preferences.
Short solder points
to Clear CMOS
Halt On [All Errors]
This field determines which types of errors will cause the system to halt.
Configuration options: [All Errors] [No Error] [All but Keyboard] [All but
Disk] [All but Disk/Keyboard]
Installed Memory [XXX MB]
This field displays the amount of conventional memory detected by the
system during bootup. You do not need to make changes to this field. This
is a display only field.
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