ASUS CUBX User’s Manual52
Other options for “Type:” are:
[CD-ROM] - for IDE CD-ROM drives
[LS-120] - for LS-120 compatible floppy disk drives
[ZIP-100] - for ZIP-100 compatible disk drives
[MO] - for IDE magneto optical disk drives
[Other ATAPI Device] - for IDE devices not listed here
After using the legend keys to make your selections on this sub-menu, press
the <Esc> key to exit back to the Main menu. When the Main menu ap-
pears, you will notice that the drive size appear in the field for the hard disk
drive that you just configured.
4.3.2 Keyboard Features
Main Menu
Boot Up NumLock Status [On]
This field enables users to activate the Number Lock function upon system
boot. Configuration options: [Off] [On]
Keyboard Auto-Repeat Rate [12/Sec]
This controls the speed at which the system registers repeated keystrokes.
Options range from 6 to 30 characters per second. Configuration options:
[6/Sec] [8/Sec] [10/Sec] [12/Sec] [15/Sec] [20/Sec] [24/Sec] [30/Sec]
Keyboard Auto-Repeat Delay [1/4 Sec]
This field sets the time interval for displaying the first and second charac-
ters. Configuration options: [1/4 Sec] [1/2 Sec] [3/4 Sec] [1 Sec]
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