ASUS CUBX User’s Manual50
IMPORTANT: If your hard disk was already formatted on an older previous system,
incorrect parameters may be detected. You will need to enter the correct parameters
manually or use low-level format if you do not need the data stored on the hard disk.
If the parameters listed differ from the ones used when the disk was formatted, the
disk will not be readable. If the auto-detected parameters do not match the ones that
should be used for your disk, you should enter the correct ones manually by setting
[User Type HDD].
Master/Slave Drives
[User Type HDD]
Manually enter the number of cylinders, heads and sectors per track for your drive.
Refer to your drive documentation or look on the drive for this information. If no
drive is installed or if you are removing a drive and not replacing it, select [None].
Translation Method [LBA]
Select the hard disk drive type in this field. When Logical Block Addressing is
enabled, 28-bit addressing of the hard drive is used without regard for cylinders,
heads, or sectors. Note that Logical Block Access may decrease the access speed
of the hard disk. However, LBA Mode is necessary for drives with greater than
504MB in storage capacity. Configuration options: [LBA] [LARGE] [Normal]
[Match Partition Table] [Manual]
This field configures the number of cylinders. Refer to your drive documentation
to determine the correct value to enter into this field. NOTE: To make changes to
this field, the Type field must be set to [User Type HDD] and the Translation
Method field must be set to [Manual].
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