ASUS CUBX User’s Manual 49
Type [Auto]
Select [Auto] to automatically detect an IDE hard disk drive. If automatic
detection is successful, the correct values will be filled in for the remaining
fields on this sub-menu. If automatic detection fails, your hard disk drive
may be too old or too new. You can try updating your BIOS or enter the
IDE hard disk drive parameters manually.
NOTE: After the IDE hard disk drive information has been entered into
BIOS, new IDE hard disk drives must be partitioned (such as with FDISK)
and then formatted before data can be read from and write on. Primary
IDE hard disk drives must have its partition set to active (also possible
with FDISK).
Other options for the Type field are:
[None] - to disable IDE devices
4.3.1 Primary & Secondary Master/Slave
NOTE: Before attempting to configure a hard disk drive, make sure you
have the configuration information supplied by the manufacturer of the
drive. Incorrect settings may cause your system to not recognize the in-
stalled hard disk. To allow the BIOS to detect the drive type automati-
cally, select [Auto].
Master/Slave Drives
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