26 ASUS CUBX User’s Manual
Expansion Cards
3.7 Expansion Cards
WARNING! Unplug your power supply when adding or removing expansion
cards or other system components. Failure to do so may cause severe damage to
both your motherboard and expansion cards.
3.7.1 Expansion Card Installation Procedure
1. Read the documentation for your expansion card and make any necessary hard-
ware or software settings for your expansion card, such as jumpers.
2. Remove your computer system’s cover and the bracket plate on the slot you
intend to use. Keep the bracket for possible future use.
3. Carefully align the card’s connectors and press firmly.
4. Secure the card on the slot with the screw you removed above.
5. Replace the computer system’s cover.
6. Set up the BIOS if necessary
(such as IRQ xx Used By ISA: Yes in 4.4.3 PCI Configuration)
7. Install the necessary software drivers for your expansion card.
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