ASUS CUBX User’s Manual 17
3.3 Hardware Setup Procedure
Before using your computer, you must complete the following steps:
1. Check Motherboard Settings
2. Install Memory Modules
3. Install the Central Processing Unit (CPU)
4. Install Expansion Cards
5. Connect Ribbon Cables, Panel Wires, and Power Supply
6. Setup the BIOS Software
3.4 Motherboard Settings
This section explains in detail how to change your motherboard’s function settings
through the use of switches and/or jumpers.
WARNING! Computer motherboards and expansion cards contain very delicate
Integrated Circuit (IC) chips. To protect them against damage from static electric-
ity, you should follow some precautions whenever you work on your computer.
1. Unplug your computer when working on the inside.
2. Use a grounded wrist strap before handling computer components. If you
do not have one, touch both of your hands to a safely grounded object or to
a metal object, such as the power supply case.
3. Hold components by the edges and try not to touch the IC chips, leads or
connectors, or other components.
4. Place components on a grounded antistatic pad or on the bag that came with
the component whenever the components are separated from the system.
CUBX Onboard LED
WARNING! Make sure that you unplug your power supply when adding or
removing system components. Failure to do so may cause severe damage to
your motherboard, peripherals, and/or components. The onboard LED when lit
acts as a reminder that the system is in suspend or soft-off mode and not powered
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