10 ASUS CUBX Users Manual
2.1.2 Special Features
ACPI Ready: Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) provides more
Energy Saving Features for operating systems that support OS Direct Power
Management (OSPM) functionality. With these features implemented in the OS,
PCs can be ready around the clock, yet satisfy all the energy saving standards.
To fully utilize the benefits of ACPI, an ACPI-supported OS such as Windows
98 must be used.
Easy Installation: Incorporates BIOS that supports autodetection of hard disk
drives, PS/2 mouse, and Plug and Play devices to make the setup of hard disk
drives, expansion cards, and other devices virtually automatic.
New Compliancy: Both the BIOS and hardware levels of this motherboard meet
the stringent requirements for PC’99 certification. The new PC’99 requirements
for systems and components are based on the following high-level goals: Sup-
port for Plug and Play compatibility and power management for configuring
and managing all system components, and 32-bit device drivers and installation
procedures for Windows 95/98/NT. Color-coded connectors and descriptive icons
make identification easy as required by PC’99.
Symbios SCSI BIOS: Supports optional ASUS SCSI controller cards through
the onboard SYMBIOS firmware.
2.1.3 Performance Features
Concurrent PCI: Concurrent PCI allows multiple PCI transfers from PCI mas-
ter busses to the memory and processor.
High-Speed Data Transfer Interface: IDE transfers using UltraDMA/33 Bus
Master IDE can handle rates up to 33MB/s. This motherboard with a CMD
UltraDMA/66 IDE controller and support for UltraDMA/66 doubles the
UltraDMA/33 burst transfer rate to 66.6MB/s. UltraDMA/66 is backward com-
patible with both DMA/33 and DMA and with existing DMA devices and sys-
tems so there is no need to upgrade current EIDE/IDE drives and host systems.
(UltraDMA/66 requires a 40-pin 80-conductor cable to be enabled and/or for
UltraDMA Mode 4.)
SDRAM Optimized Performance: Supports the new generation memory - Syn-
chronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) which increases the data
transfer rate to 800MB/s max using PC100-compliant SDRAM.
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