3How to Distribute Software
This section explains how third party software can be distributed to Wyse thin clients
running Wyse Enhanced WES7.
Software distribution includes the following phases (in order):
1. "Phase 1: Creating a Software Package that is Ready for Distribution"
2. "Phase 2: Advertising the Software Package Using Device Manager"
While you can use a Configuration Manager task sequence to Advertise the
software package (see "Using File-Based Write Filter Aware Task
Sequences"), using Device Manager (as described in "Phase 2: Advertising
the Software Package Using Device Manager") will automatically handle the
File-Based Write Filter disabling and enabling that is required when
deploying software packages.
Phase 1: Creating a Software Package that is Ready for Distribution
Step 1: Create a Software Package
1. In the Configuration Manager console, open the New Package Wizard (select Site
Database > Computer Management > Software Distribution > Packages, right-click
Packages, and then select New > Package).
2. On the General page, name the package, for example: Firefox App, enter any other
information you need, and then click Next.
3. On the Data Source page, select the This package contains source files option, click
Set, select the path for the Source Directory where the firefox application installer is
present (for example, C:\sccm_packages\apps\firefox), select the Always obtain
source files from the source directory option, and then click Next.
IMPORTANT: The path/folder selected should contain the artifacts that will be required
by the package.
4. On the Data Access page, click Next.
5. On the Distribution Settings page, set Sending Priority to High, and then click Next.
6. On the Reporting page, click Next.
7. On the Security page, click Next.
8. On the Summary page, click Next.
9. After the wizard is completed, click Close. The package should appear under the
Packages node of the Site database tree in the Configuration Manager console.
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