1 Introduction 1
About this Guide 1
Finding the Information You Need in this Guide 1
Wyse Technical Support 2
Related Documentation and Services 2
Wyse Online Community 2
2 Getting Started: Prerequisites and Supported Management
Features 3
General Prerequisites 3
Wyse Enhanced WES7 Firmware Image Prerequisites for Configuration Manager and
Device Manager Support 4
Management Features Supported 4
3 How to Distribute Software 5
Phase 1: Creating a Software Package that is Ready for Distribution 5
Phase 2: Advertising the Software Package Using Device Manager 7
4 Using File-Based Write Filter Aware Task Sequences 9
What is a File-Based Write Filter Aware Task Sequence? 9
Adding a Task to Disable the File-Based Write Filter 9
Adding a Task to Enable the File-Based Write Filter 9
Working Case Example: How to Deploy a Mozilla Firefox Software Package to Wyse Thin
Clients Protected by the File-Based Write Filter 10
5 Imaging Wyse Thin Clients with Configuration Manager 13
Phase 1: Capturing an OS Image from a Reference Thin Client 13
Phase 2: Importing the Captured OS Image (WIM File) into the Configuration Manager
Server 17
Phase 3: Deploying the OS Image to the Destination Client Using the Operating Systems
Deployment (OSD) Task Sequence 18
6 Windows Security Update Deployment 25
Creating Common Search Folders 25
Creating a New Search Folder for a Specific Year 26
Creating a New Search Folder for New Monthly Releases 26
Case Example: Downloading and Installing Security Updates 27
A Localization Requirements: Multilingual User Interface (MUI) 31
Contents of the sysprep.xml File 32
B Troubleshooting and Reference Information 35
Troubleshooting Tools 35
Microsoft Reference Documents 35
Configuration Manager-Device Manager Script Details 36
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