6Windows Security Update
This section provides the procedures you can use to configure Microsoft® Windows
Server Update Services (WSUS) according to your needs (when deploying WSUS in your
Wyse thin client environment running Wyse Enhanced WES7). After your configurations
are complete, be sure Software Update Point Role is installed on your Configuration
Manager server.
If you need additional assistance beyond the scope of the information
contained in this section, see your Configuration Manager installation and
setup documentation.
This section includes general procedures and information on the following:
"Creating Common Search Folders"
"Creating a New Search Folder for a Specific Year"
"Creating a New Search Folder for New Monthly Releases"
"Case Example: Downloading and Installing Security Updates"
Creating Common Search Folders
After installation, the first thing you must do is create search folders. You can create
search folders at your central site to make it easier for administrator site usage. If you
need to create a report by year, you can simply use one of the searches you have already
created and modify it as you require. You can also create a search folder that will only
show the current month's patches. In addition, all of the search folders that you create can
include only the patches that have not been superseded or expired.
NOTE: If you are completing these procedures on a new site, you can create a new folder
to categorize your searches.
There are many searches you can create. You can modify the search criteria
until you configure what you want. For example, you can search by hot fix,
Article ID, or even driver.
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