Imaging Wyse Thin Clients with Configuration Manager 17
Phase 2: Importing the Captured OS Image (WIM File) into the
Configuration Manager Server
1. In the Configuration Manager console, open the Add Operating System Image Wizard
(select Site Database > Computer Management > Operating System Deployment
> Operating System Images, right-click Operating System Images, and then select
Add Operating System Image).
2. On the Data Source page, type the network path (UNC format) of the captured wim file,
and then click Next. IMPORTANT: If the captured wim file is located on a USB pen
drive or CD/DVD drive, then first copy the file to a shared location accessible by the
Configuration Manager server.
3. On the General page, specify the Name as Reference WES7, specify the Version as
1.0, and then click Next.
4. On the Summary page, click Next.
5. After the wizard is completed, click Close. The new image you imported should appear
under the Operating System Images node in the Configuration Manager console.
6. Open the New Distribution Points Wizard for the newly imported image (select the
newly imported image, right-click Distribution Points, and then select New >
Distribution Points), and then click Next.
7. On the Copy Package page, select the Non-PXE point server you want to designate
as the distribution point, and then click Next.
8. After the wizard is completed, click Close. The Non-PXE point server you selected
should appear under the Distribution Points node of the added image in the
Configuration Manager console. The package should be copied to all Distribution
Points, except the PXE point.
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