16 Chapter 5
After reboot the thin client will automatically log on as the local administrator and the
WES7_SCCM_AdminRunonce.bat script will run and close. Some general activities it
will do includes:
Stopping the SMS agent host and EDM write filter service agent service.
Deleting Configuration Manager related certificates and the Configuration Manager
configuration file.
Starting the IIS admin service.
Starting the SMS agent host service.
Putting the C:\windows\setup\AdminSCCM.bat in the Administrator run once
registry key - NOTE that the AdminSCCM.bat will run on the destination thin client
once image deployment is complete. This batch file will revert back all the settings
made in this step 9.
10.Open the services.msc and ensure that the SMS Agent Host service is started. If it is
not started, start the service.
11. Go to the C:\windows\setup folder and ensure that CCMdelcert.exe is deleted. If not,
delete it manually as it must not be used as part of Wyse builds due to redistribution
license restrictions.
12.Now the image is Configuration Manager clone ready. CAUTION: Do not restart the
thin client at this time. Otherwise, all Configuration Manager related customizations will
be reverted back.
Step 5: Use Configuration Manager to Capture the Image from the Reference Thin Client
1. Attach the prepared USB pen drive or CD/DVD (with the captured media that you
prepared in "Step 3: Use Configuration Manager to Create a Capture Media USB Pen
Drive or CD/DVD that will Capture the Operating System Image") to the reference thin
2. Go to the USB pen drive or CD/DVD drive, for example drive D:, and launch the
TSMBAutoRun.exe file (for example, D:\SMS\Bin\i386\TSMBAutoRun.exe).
3. On the Welcome to the Image Capture Wizard page, click Next.
4. On the Image Destination page, enter either the remote network shared location
(recommended) or the local USB drive path along with the .wim file name extension,
and then click Next.
5. On the Image Information page, click Next.
6. On the Summary page, click Finish. It will take five to ten minutes for the image
capture wizard to start the capture process. During the capture process, the machine
will be syspreped and restarted in WINPE. In the WINPE session, the machine will be
captured, and after successful capture, the .wim file is generated and stored.
NOTE: Once the image is captured, the reference thin client will not be in the same
state as it was before the capture because of sysprep. To bring the reference thin client
back to its original state, join the reference thin client to the domain and deploy the OS
as mentioned in "Phase 3: Deploying the OS Image to the Destination Client Using the
Operating Systems Deployment (OSD) Task Sequence."
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