Imaging Wyse Thin Clients with Configuration Manager 15
6. After the wizard completes the process, click Close. The ISO file is created in the
location you entered for the ISO in step 3.
7. Copy the ISO contents to the USB pen drive you prepared in "Step 1: Format a USB
Pen Drive." If a USB drive is not available, the ISO can be burned to a CD/DVD.
Step 4: Prepare the Reference Thin Client for Image Capture
To prepare a reference Wyse Enhanced WES7 image, it is recommended to
start with a newly imaged thin client, make any customizations to the build
you want, and then make the build ready for Configuration Manager image
1. Be sure the thin client you want to use as a reference thin client is running the image
you want.
2. Boot the thin client. For security the thin client will automatically log on using the User
3. Log off and log on as an Administrator. Use the Log off button (Start > Log off) to log
off the current desktop while holding down the SHIFT key until the Log On window
displays. Log on as an administrator (default Username is administrator and default
case-sensitive Password is Wyse#123).
4. Disable the File-Based Write Filter by double-clicking the FBWF Disable (red) icon on
the desktop (this will disable the File-Based Write Filter and reboot the system).
5. If automatic logon to a user desktop is enabled, you must log off the user desktop and
log on as an administrator (as you did in step 3).
IMPORTANT: At this time, also be sure the boot order in the BIOS is HDD followed by
6. Un-join the client from domain and reboot the client. Log on as a local administrator.
7. Make any customizations you want (drivers, etc.).
8. Download the CCMDelCert.exe tool and copy it to the reference thin client
C:\windows\setup. This file is required to delete any certificates if they are present from
the Configuration Manager reference build. NOTE: The Ccmdelcert.exe tool is part of
the SMS 2003 Toolkit 2. Download SMS 2003 Toolkit 2 from Microsoft Web site at
9. Run C:\windows\setup\WES7_SCCM_Capture.bat. The WES7_SCCM_Capture.bat
will run and reboot the client automatically. Some general activities it will do includes:
Stopping the netxclean (clientcleanup) service and making the startup type manual
Stopping the HAgent service and making the startup type manual
Disabling flash.sys.
Removing Wyse RAM disk Z:
Making the OS partition active
Setting to Administrator Autologon
Putting the C:\windows\setup\WES7_SCCM_AdminRunonce.bat in the
Administrator run once registry key
IMPORTANT: The WES7_SCCM_Capture.bat file is part of the Wyse WES7 WFR3
build. In cases of older builds, the file will not exist and you must download
Configuration Manager supported WES7_Sysprep4man scripts from Wyse Web site
and copy them to C:\windows\setup.
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