5Imaging Wyse Thin Clients with
Configuration Manager
This section explains how to capture, import, and deploy an OS image to Wyse thin clients
(running Wyse Enhanced WES7) in a Configuration Manager environment.
Imaging includes the following phases (in order):
1. "Phase 1: Capturing an OS Image from a Reference Thin Client"
2. "Phase 2: Importing the Captured OS Image (WIM File) into the Configuration Manager
3. "Phase 3: Deploying the OS Image to the Destination Client Using the Operating
Systems Deployment (OSD) Task Sequence"
The steps included in this section are for administrators who are familiar with
OS imaging and Configuration Manager usage.
If you are planning for Multilingual User Interface Deployments for WES7,
refer to "Localization Requirements: Multilingual User Interface (MUI)" before
you begin.
Phase 1: Capturing an OS Image from a Reference Thin Client
Step 1: Format a USB Pen Drive
1. Attach your USB pen drive to your thin client running Wyse Enhanced WES7.
2. Open a command prompt and type diskpart.
3. Use the diskpart tool to determine the disk number of the USB pen drive by typing list
disk at the diskpart prompt.
4. Use the diskpart tool to partition and format the USB pen drive. At the diskpart
command prompt, type the following, replacing <disk_number> with the disk number of
the USB pen drive
Select disk <disk_number>
Create part pri
Select part 1
format fs=ntfs quick
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