Using File-Based Write Filter Aware Task Sequences 11
Step 5: Advertise the Task Sequence
1. Right-click the new task sequence (in our example case: Firefox Deployment as TS)
and select Advertise to open the New Advertisement Wizard.
2. On the General page, enter the name for the advertisement, for example: Deploying
Firefox App as TS, and then click OK.
3. Click Next.
4. On the Schedule page, click on the yellow star next to Mandatory assignments to open
the Assignment Schedule window, select the Assign immediately after this event
option, select As soon as possible in the drop down list, click OK, and then do the
In the Priority drop down list, select High.
(Optional) Set the Advertisement start time and expires settings you want.
5. Click Next.
6. On the Distribution Points page, select the Access Content Directly from a
Distribution Point option, and then click Next.
7. On the Interaction page, select the Show Task Sequence Progress option, and then
click Next.
8. On the Security page, click Next.
9. On the Summary page, click Next.
10.After the wizard is completed, click Close. The advertisement with the name you
assigned (in our example case: Deploying Firefox App as TS) should appear under
Software Distribution > Advertisement.
IMPORTANT: Time for the Advertisement to appear at the client side depends on the
machine and user policy refresh interval time, server and network parameters such as
server capacity to handle the clients and network traffic.
If you do not receive an Advertisement, then you must initiate on the thin client:
1 - Go to Control Panel > Configuration Manager > Actions tab, select Machine Policy
Retrieval & Evaluation, and then click Initiate Action.
2 - Go to Control Panel > Configuration Manager > Actions tab, select User Policy
Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle, and then click Initiate Action.
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