Option Description
5 seconds
10 seconds
Full Screen Logo This option enables or disables the full screen logo. By default, the
Enable Full Screen Logo option is not enabled.
Wireless screen option
Table 21. Wireless option
Option Description
Wireless Device Enable This options enables or disables the internal wireless devices. The
options include:
WLAN/WiGig — enabled by default
Bluetooth—enabled by default
Virtualization support screen options
Table 22. Virtualization options
Option Description
Virtualization This option enables or disables the Intel Virtualization Technology.
Enable Intel Virtualization Technology (default).
VT for Direct I/O This option species whether a virtual machine monitor can utilize
the additional hardware capabilities provided by Intel Virtualization
Technology for Direct I/O. This option is not enabled by default.
Maintenance screen options
Table 23. Maintenance options
Option Description
Service Tag Displays the Service Tag of your computer.
Asset Tag This option enables you to create a system asset tag if an asset tag
is not already set. This option is not set by default.
SERR Messages This option enables you to control the SERR message mechanism.
The Enable SERR Message option is enabled by default.
BIOS Downgrade This controls ashing of the system rmware to previous revisions.
The option Allow BIOS downgrade is enabled by default.
Data Wipe This eld enables you to erase the data securely from all internal
storage devices. Option Wipe on Next boot is not enabled by
default. The following is the list of devices aected:
Internal M.2 SATA SDD
44 BIOS overview
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