Option Description
SMM Security Mitigation This option enables you to enable and disable additional UEFI SMM
security mitigation protections.
Secure Boot screen options
Table 17. Secure Boot screen options
Options Description
Secure Boot Enable This option enables or disables the secure boot feature. By default,
the Secure Boot Enable option is not set.
Secure Boot Mode This option enables you to change the secure boot operation mode,
modies the behavior of secure boot to allow evaluation or
enforcement of the UEFI driver signatures. The options include:
Deployed Mode
Audit Mode
Expert Key Management This option enables you to manipulate the security key databases
only if the system is in Custom Mode. The Enable Custom Mode
option is disabled by default. The options include:
• PK
• db
• dbx
If you enable the Custom Mode, the relevant options for PK, KEK,
db, and dbx is displayed. The options are:
Save to File—Saves the key to a user-selected le
Replace from File—Replaces the current key with a key from a
user-selected le
Append from File—Adds a key to the current database from a
user-selected le
Delete—Deletes the selected key
Reset All Keys—To reset the default setting
Delete All Keys—Deletes all the keys
NOTE: If you disable the Custom Mode, all the changes
are erased and the keys are restored to the default
Performance screen options
Table 18. Performance options
Option Description
Multi Core Support This option species whether one or more cores are enabled on the
processor. The options include:
All—enabled by default
• 1
• 2
BIOS overview 41
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