Option Description
• Disabled
AT—enabled by default
• PS2
Serial Port1 This option determines how the serial port on the docking station
operates. It allows you to avoid resource conicts between devices
by disabling or remapping the address. The options include:
• Disabled
COM1—enabled by default
• COM2
SATA Operation This option congures the operating mode of the integrated SATA
hard drive controller. The options include:
• Disabled
AHCI—enabled by default
Drives Allows you to congure the SATA drives on board.
SATA-0 enabled by default
SMART Reporting This eld controls whether the hard drive errors of integrated drives
are reported during system startup.
USB Conguration This is an optional feature.
This eld congures the integrated USB controller. If Boot Support
is enabled, the system is allowed to boot any type of USB Mass
Storage Devices such as hard drives and USB keys.
If the USB port is enabled, the device attached to this port is
enabled and available for the operating system.
If the USB port is disabled, the operating system cannot detect any
device attached to this port.
The options include:
Enable USB Boot Support—enabled by default
Enable Front USB Ports—enabled by default
Enable Rear USB Ports—enabled by default
NOTE: USB keyboard and mouse always work in the BIOS
setup irrespective of these settings.
Front USB Conguration This option enables or disables front USB ports. The options
Front port Top—enabled by default
Front port Bottom Medium—enabled by default
Front port Top Medium—enabled by default
Front port Bottom—enabled by default
Rear USB Conguration This option enables or disables rear USB ports. The options are:
Rear port Top Left—enabled by default
Rear port Bottom Left—enabled by default
38 BIOS overview
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