Option Description
Device Information: Primary Hard Drive, EMMC Device, LOM
MAC Address, 2nd NIC MAC Address, Video Controller, Audio
Controller, Wi-Fi Device, Bluetooth Device
Boot Sequence This option enables you to change the order in which the system
boots an operating system.
Default Boot Sequence
UEFI: Hard Drive, Partition 4
Onboard NIC(IPV4)
Onboard NIC(IPV6)
Boot List Option: You can add a boot option, delete an existing
boot option, and view the boot options.
UEFI boot path security This option enables you to control the system prompt of How to
enter the Admin Password (if set) when you boot a UEFI boot
path from the F12 boot menu.
The options include:
Always, except internal HDD ( default)
• Always
• Never
Date/Time This option enables you to change the system date and time.
System Conguration screen options
Table 14. System Conguration options
Option Description
UEFI Network Stack If the UEFI Network Stack option is enabled, the UEFI Networking
Protocols are installed and allows pre-operating system and early
operating system networking features to use any enabled NICs or
The UEFI Network Stack option is enabled by default.
Integrated NIC The Integrated NIC option controls the on-board LAN controller.
The options include:
Disabled—The internal LAN is o and not visible to the
operating system.
Enabled—The internal LAN is enabled.
Enabled w/PXE—The internal LAN is enabled (with PXE boot).
This option is enabled by default.
2nd NIC (RJ-45/SFP) The second NIC (RJ-45/SFP) option controls the second on-board
NIC. The options include:
• Disabled
• Enabled
Enabled w/PXE—This option is enabled by default
Parallel Port This option determines how the parallel port on the docking station
operates. The options include:
BIOS overview 37
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