Wyse 5070 thin client on Windows 10 IoT
This section provides the instructions on how to easily congure and eciently manage Wyse 5070 thin client that runs on Windows 10 IoT
• Introduction
Setting up Wyse 5070 thin client
Before conguring your thin clients
Automatic and manual login
Keyboard and region settings
Devices and printers
The thin clients running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise provide access to applications, les, and network resources. The applications and les
are made available on machines hosting Citrix Receiver, Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, VMware Horizon client session, and Dell
Wyse vWorkspace services.
Other locally installed software permits remote administration of the thin clients and provides local maintenance functions. More add-ons
are available that support a wide range of specialty peripherals and features for environments that require a secure user interface with 64-
bit Windows compatibility. Your thin client device supports Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Lync VDI 2013 plug-in, and Microsoft .Net
Framework 4.6 or later versions. For more information, see Microsoft Website
Setting up Wyse 5070 thin client
This section explains how to setup Wyse 5070 thin client on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.
This section will be lled with OOBE information, and will provide information on how a customer will setup the thin client when the
customer starts using the thin client on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.
Before conguring your thin clients
Unied Write Filter Utility and NetXClean Utility are meant to protect your thin clients. If you want to retain certain prole congurations
such as printers, monitors and other peripherals, you can congure NetXClean to refrain from cleaning up explicitly declared proles. These
utilities also prevent undesired ash memory writes, and clean-up extraneous information from being stored on the local disk.
However, there are instances where administrators can retain the changed congurations after you log out and restart the thin client.
NOTE: To congure and manage multiple thin clients, see Dell Cloud Client Computing.
Automatic and manual login
What you see when a thin client turns on or reboots depends on the administrator’s conguration. After creating a user account, an
administrator can congure the account to log in automatically or manually with user credentials. Ensure that you disable the Unied Write
Wyse 5070 thin client on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 31
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